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Meet Co-Founders & best friends, Krystal & Sheridan

Discover all about the Coming Out Co. Crew including who we are and how we came about.

Reach out to us about coming out, about being gay, supporting your gay friends or just say hey!

Who Are We

Co-founders, Krystal & Sheridan, live on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

They are best friends supported by their incredible partners, living two individual journeys.

Krystal & Shannon have been together for over 4 years. They originally met after multiple weeks of cancelling on each other trying to organise a tennis hit... ok rephrase in case Shannon reads this, Krystal cancelled twice before finally following through with their plans. Thank goodness she did because they immediately became best friends and it wasn't long before they began to realise that their feelings for each other were stronger than friends and Krystal was starting to crush hardcore.

Fast forward 4 years and Krystal & Shannon have now been engaged for 2 years and have just welcomed their baby girl, Huxley, into the world!

Sebastian & Sheridan have been together for over 5 years. But the very first time they met would've been about 5 years before that, in 2011, when Sheridan's brother, Codee, brought Seb around for dinner at her house after school one night. Seb and Codee went to high school together and are still best mates today. The funny story about that night they met, is Sheridan was really sad because her pet guinea pig had just died in a very peculiar way. Codee and Seb thought it was hilarious and still tease her about it to this day.

10 years on, Seb and Sheri have a fur baby, Ollie, and have just recently gotten married in 2021!


How We All Became Friends

Another funny story here - get ready, we're laughing already lol

Seb and Krystal actually dated for a few days in Primary School hahaha (we joke that Seb turned her gay all the time LOL!) It didn't last for long as primary school crushes do. But they stayed friends and when Seb and Sheri first met, Seb was playing social mixed netball with Krystal. Sheridan joined their team and naturally they all became friends.

Five years later and the four of them are still great friends with a love for each other, their baby Girl and fur babies, adventure, family and their life partners.


How Coming Out Co. 'Came Out'

Our Co-Founder Krystal and her fiance, Shannon, were pregnant with their little miracle baby girl. For their gender reveal party, Sheridan handmade a frame and matching card for them that said 'two Mummies are better than one'. Krystal & Shannon asked, "where did you get it from?". After Sheridan told them that she'd made it, there was a light bulb moment where they realised, there would be so many other same-sex couples out there who would love such a beautiful, personalised gift to celebrate the exciting moments in their lives. 

This conversation happened over the dinner table one night and that's Coming Out Co.'s humble beginning. And here we are!

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